Friday, January 2, 2009

Please Forward This Blog To Family, Friends And Concerned Citizens

Dear Friends,

We ask that you forward this Blog to all your loved ones. Live Stop is not just some innocent program that is "getting the bad guys out there". Ask around. You will hear horror stories from family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and every day law-abiding citizens who have been abused by the Live Stop "program" in Philadelphia.

If all you do right now is become AWARE of Live Stop then we have done our job. But stand up and be counted do more. Forward the link to this blog to everyone that you love, care about and know. Write to your local and state elected officials and tell them that you want Live Stop "stopped" and that is an election issue to you. Tell them you want the Constitution to followed in Philadelphia which is the very Birthplace of the Constitution. Tell them you want your Civil Rights accorded to you by the Constitution, the Absolute Supreme Law of the Land, to override and terminate Live Stop.

Public awareness of Live Stop is growing and gaining momentum day by day as more and more Citizens are experiencing firsthand Live Stop's violations of their Constitutionally granted Civil Rights . Live Stop has seized over 100,000 cars in the city of Philadelphia since the city began having its police officers implement it. How many cars are there in Philadelphia to seize? Can all these people be criminals or is Live Stop unconstitutional and is it being used flippantly and abusively by the police force?
Live Stop is a "law" that can be easily abused by a police officer wittingly or unwittingly.

We, too, were once a group of every day Citizens going about our daily routine and business that didn't know anything about Live Stop. Now, that we have been hit hard by it, we have united together and are spreading the word on the street and online. Our numbers are growing by the day. Now things are changing. It is ironic that Live Stop, a blatant violation of our Constitutional Rights has made us more aware than ever before of the Constitution and the sovereignty and liberty of private property that it accords us. So a great light is coming out of something that is quite dark.

It used to be, until Live Stop was implemented in Philadelphia, that if you forgot to put your insurance card in your car or if you forgot to register your car, that you were issued tickets and a court hearing in traffic court for such a violation. You kept on driving in your car until you get home and find your insurance card that you lost or misplaced and/or get your car registered. Then, when the time came you would go to traffic court show that you have your car insured and registered and the traffic court judge with throw your tickets out or decide that you had to pay them. This is called Due Process and this is Constitutionally based law and order. With Live Stop all that is currently over. You are simply thrown out of your car and your car which is your personal property is immediately seized and impounded. Often times you will find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere car-less even though Live Stop mandates police to ensure that you have a way home. But what are you going to do? If the cop decides to whimsically leave you high and dry, then you are up the creek without a paddle. If you ask around you will see, as we have seen and documented, that a good chunk of Citizens that have been Live Stopped have been left stranded often with groceries or other personal effects in hand. Live Stop is like a meteor falling out of the sky right on you and your private property (you car) and any persons, whether young or old that may have been with you. It's time to bring the "old days" back when you were simply issued violations tickets and given a court date and hearing. The "old days" before Live Stop when Constitutionally based protocols were followed that respected by local authorities.

We do NOT and are not advocating lawlessness. We are NOT for people driving around the city of Philadelphia unlicensed, unregistered or uninsured. What we are for is the proper implementation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, in particular, the Amendments thereof that deal with Search and Seizure, Due Process and the Citizenry's Rights of Property and Liberty. We are for Just Compensation when the local authorities have overstepped their Constitutional obligations and damaged and hurt ourselves and our Private Property.

We are NOT against our fellow brother and sister police officers who protect the public streets and the Citizenry from criminal elements. We are for a Constitutionally educated and just police force that is not reckless, heavy handed and randomly sadistic with the Citizenry they are supposed to be servants of as public and civil servants.

We are for a city that pays excellent wages for intelligent, emotionally stable and psychologically healthy officers to patrol the streets. We want the police officers, men and women, who are our fellow brother and sister Citizens, to have the best of benefits for themselves and their families ie., health care, school funds for their children etc. These men and women are to be role models of proper law enforcement in our city that are to enforce Constitutionally just and sound laws.

We are for a fiscally honest and sound city government that doesn't have corruption blowing everywhere so that when more money is needed for the city's coffers, the city doesn't go around looking for ways to cut police budgets thereby cutting benefits and wages belonging to our police force so that we have cops patrolling the streets that are stressed out, underpayed and just as worried about their futures as the average Citizen is.

To all the police officers out there that know in your heart of hearts that Live Stop has something seriously wrong about it, and you have let your fellow Citizen "slide" without having their car Seized without Due Process, we say 'thank you and God bless you and your loved ones'. You are respectable and honorable Citizens of this this great historical city where the Constitution was first signed and instituted. This very same city of Philadelphia which served as the Birthplace of Democracy and where the Declaration of Independence was signed by our political forefathers. This very same city that was this great nation's first capital. This City that hosts the grand Constitution Center and the Liberty Bell!

Yes, this our Grand Nation with its Great Constitution that gives us, the Citizenry of this Great Nation, the most marvelous Legal Document ever drawn up in History, in the name of and for the sake of Humanity, so as to preserve and keep the Dignity, Rights and Freedom of Humanity alive and well and free of dictatorship, tyranny and autocracy.

Knowledge is power. Know your Constitution and the Civil Rights it accords you or you will lose your power!

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    Hi Folks,

    The above link is a local Fox Undercover News report on a local teacher who was unjustly Live Stopped and it shows you the hoops, hassles and hells he had to go through to get his car back. The Philadelphia parking authority "lost" a thousand dollars worth of his property that was in the car and they also killed his car battery! Unreal. Thank you Live Stop !