Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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The Police Advisory Commission

Also known as PAC. PAC is a non-vested non-governemental group of very dedicated and informed citizens that oversee the behavior of Philadelphia Police and help you with complaints against police officers that step over the line of their professional duties.

When I was pulled over by Live Stop, not only do I believe my Constitutional Rights were violated by the police officer involved with improper seizure of property without due legal process, but I also got a lot of snide, cutting and biting personal remarks from a quite ignorant and clearly psychologically disturbed police officer. PAC was great with guiding and handling this situation. Being a cop in any major urban area surely isn't an easy job, but sadistic personalities shouldn't be allowed to continue operating in the police force. Apparently, the city of Philadelphia has potential cops psychologically screened before they become cops but once they hit the streets they are not psychologically reviewed periodically. Surely, being a cop is a very hard thing in any major urban area. And hats off to all the good cops out there of which there are many we all commend and thank you. For your mentally ill cops that suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Sadistic personalities etc., you need to get help. Filing complaints against you is actually a good thing for you. It might get you some need help before you get any worse. We can go police Iraq and goodness knows how many corners around the globe but we can't get decent pay and benefits to attract good, sane, just cops on the streets of our cities in the U.S.A.

Hall Watch

This is a great watch dog group that stays on top of all the financial and political corruption, abuse and mismanangement that elected city officials are constantly bringing about in this city.

Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia

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