Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Live Stop Seizes About 100 Vehicles A Day - Towing Rates Raised -

''Live Stop'' Vehicle Towing Fee Increased in Philadelphia

by KYW's Steve Tawa

The Philadelphia Parking Authority says that because of rising costs, it is hiking the fee for towing away your car if it gets confiscated by police during a "live stop."

Each day, about 100 vehicles are towed in Philadelphia. The "Live Stop" program targets drivers who don’t have proper registration or invalid, suspended, or revoked driver’s licenses.

And a live-stop job can last hours, according to Parking Authority director of on-street operations Corinne O'Connor:

"Just like you, tow trucks get stuck in traffic. We have to cover our costs on getting there."

The same vehicle seizure law also takes in trucks under similar circumstances. The Live Stop tow fee is now increasing $15 to $150 for most vehicles. The fee for trucks over 17,000 pounds is going up to $335.

The last increase for Live Stop was a $10 fuel charge in April, 2006.

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  1. I woke up one morning to find my son's car stolen, only to find out the police stole it! The car was valued at $7,500 and the reason it was towed...the expection had expired. I could not get the car out of the impoundment because our goverment put a "F" stop on car's not registered. What a scam! Every person I talked to was extremely rude when I asked questions. I did get my son's car out after paying huge fines to the police and impoundment lot. This legal car theft scam must be stop!